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Bought that dream bathroom suite and ready to install it? Don't DIY and risk an improper installation when the professional Bathroom fitters Newtownabbey are standing by, ready to install your bathroom suites. Bathroom specialists can also help you decide on a design and style to best suit your home and budget. Want to give your bathroom a make-over? We can put you in touch with the best bathroom fitters today.
Bathroom Fitters: Bathroom refurbishment can be a complex process, especially if electrical and plumbing systems are involved. Bathroom fitters Newtownabbey have the expertise to handle this type of installation. All bathroom fitters are trained to the highest standard and in accordance with local health and safety regulation so you're guaranteed top quality service. Bathroom fitters can assist you from the design to the final polish, helping you make the most of your bathroom.
Refurbishing the Bathroom: Any renovation can be pricey. However, refitting the bathroom can increase the value of your property and should be seen as an investment in what is possibly the most important room of the house. Always consult the professional Newtownabbey bathroom fitters before taking on the job DIY. Bathroom fitters can handle projects of any size from a complete refurbishment to the simple replacement of fixtures and individual components like a new toilet or shower head.
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Newtownabbey Bathroom Fitting Costs: There are numerous factors affecting the cost of a bathroom make over including the following:

• The size and layout of the bathroom
• The extent of the refurbishment
• Additional services required such as plumbing and electrical
• Types of materials used
• Customisation of design
• Price of individual components and fixtures
• Complexity of fitting and time required for labour

Always consult the professional Newtownabbey bathroom fitters. They'll be able to help you come up with a cost effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to your bathroom needs.
Newtownabbey bathroom fitter quotesFitted vs. Bespoke Bathrooms: Depending on the layout of your existing bathroom, bathroom fitters may recommend either a fitted or bespoke bathroom suite. Fitted bathroom suites are ready made in a predetermined style and need only be installed. Bespoke designs are customised to suit your structural, practical and aesthetic requirements. For some bathrooms, it may be best to opt for the bespoke design so that you get the exact bathroom you want and need.
Bathroom Fitter Services: Newtownabbey bathroom fitters provide comprehensive services tailored to suit your specific requirements. These services can include a structural survey of your existing bathroom, design suggestions, assistance with selecting materials for the new bathroom, installation of a fitted or bespoke bathroom suite, and assessment of electrical and plumbing systems. Attempting to DIY bathroom fittings is not recommended as improper treatment of electrical and plumbing systems could be disastrous and dangerous for you and your family.
Why Make-over the Bathroom? Bathrooms are an essential part of any home. They are both a private space for personal hygiene as well as a luxurious setting for relaxation. You don't have to put up with cracked towel rods and ill-fitting shower doors, stained bath rubs or leaky toilets when professional fitters are standing by. That dream bathroom you've always wanted could be yours and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.
We can help you find the best fitters at the lowest prices. Just take a minute and fill in our online form describing your ideal bathroom and we'll handle the rest. We save you time and money, putting you in touch with the best professionals. Get a free, no obligation quote from us today to start enjoying that dream bathroom.
Your Newtownabbey bathroom fitting questions answered
  • What type of work do bathroom fitters do? Bathroom fitters specialise in installing and remodelling bathrooms, including cabinetry, toilets, sinks, baths and showers. Many will also do aesthetic repairs and also specialise in plumbing.
  • What should I look for in a professional bathroom fitter? Look for someone with a strong portfolio. Most will have a display of before and after photos to show you examples of their work. Also, look for someone who is willing to work with you on your ideas.
  • Do bathroom fitters need to be licensed? Licensing is not required, but is preferred because it shows a contractor is knowledgeable and skilful at this type of work.
  • Is commercial bathroom fitting different than residential fitting? Yes, since different fixtures need to be installed. There are also different building codes that need to be met.
  • Which should be performed first-retiling or installing a toilet? You will have a much neater finish if you retile your floor before installing the toilet. This will raise the toilet slightly higher, which means you may need new connections to ensure the right fit.
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